​​​​​BASS Tactix Fishing

Director of Operations----- Richard Parker------------------- 601.307.8492

Division Director, Alabama----- Shane Mansell ------------ 205.765.8020

Bass Tactix Board Members

Tournament Director--------Bryan Carr------------------------- 601.508.6207
Weigh-Master, MS ---------------- Baylon Hyatt
Manager-South MS-------------- Jonathan Rooker---------------- 228.382.8752
Manager-South Central MS----Jay Fairchild----------------------- 601.408.6816
Manager-North MS---------------Steven Goss---------------------- 662.457.1215
Special Operations

Coordinator--------------------Bryan Carr------------------------- 601.508.6207
Secretary/Treasurer/Registration------Reesa Parker------- 601.307.8491

Alabama Division Managers: 

Asst. Tournament Director---------- Eric Jackson --------- 256.460.2692

Manager, North ----------- Allen Johnson ------------- 256.221.4608

Manager, Central -------------- Mitch Rollins -------- 256.476.3024

Secretary/ Treasure/Registration -AL -Elisha Mansell---- 256.684.5116

Student Body Advisor's Team

​NOTE: to ALL Board Members, Participants and Spectators

These Adult Board Members (Director of Operations is NOT a Board Member ) and JR Board Members listed here have agreed to hold the said positions until they decide to participate in a leadership role (not to include a School team Director) in another trail not associated with TBF FLW and or Bass Tactix and or that they have been convicted of a crime not suitable for this program and or has been voted out by other members of the board due to unsportsmanlike actions and or a lack of being active in their position as listed. If the member has been proven to have done any of these or other criminal activity he or she will be automatically removed based upon their actions at said time. The Adult  Board Member and or Jr Board Members are not allowed to protest and or seek any present or future actions against others  based upon the decision or reasons for removal and or its process. The board member, Angler and or spectator does hereby agree that the ruling by Bass Tactix and or any of its Directors  is final without harm to Bass Tactix and or any of its members and or Directors.

​High School Student and Junior Board Members must be in good standings with BASS Tactix and FLW / SAF at all times. The HS youth must be in grades 9-12 and Junior's 15 years of age and under. They must maintain a sportsmanship like attitude and obey the rules and regulations set forth by MLF / SAF for Student Angling. If any of these standards are broken, actions will be taken to determine the outcome of their future as a member of  Bass Tactix. 

BASS Tactix reserves the right to refuse any and all entries at any time without regards or reason. As a member, angler and or person competing, participating and or socializing in any event of Bass Tactix and or its affiliates, you agree to assume all responsibilities, liabilities and hold Bass Tactix and or its members harmless from but not limited to any activities, judgements, claims or other situations that may arise for any reason.

For all listed here-in and or further information and rules, Please see the following websites: www.fomntt.com  www.flwfishing.com  www.highschoolfishing.org 

Board Members Duties are but not limited to the following:

Director: Oversees all aspects of the Trail and has final decision in all matters 

Asst. Director: Assist the Director, Weigh Master / Tournament Director and all other Managers in the groundwork to completion of all activities and or events. In the absence of the Director ( if he or she is present ) during any single event, if a situation arises, he or she will call a meeting with the Board Members  and or Manages present and enforce the ruling and or decision.

Tournament Director / Weigh Master: Attend and assist during all activities of the weigh-in procedure as well as maintaining a sound voice  in the tournament process. 

Managers: Assist the Upper Level of Management but not limited to Sponsorships, the assistance of local schools, community involvement, special events and public service activity such as TV and Radio promotions.

Coordinators: Help with Sales, Fundraisers, Sponsorships and Service to the community and or other special activities hosted by Bass Tactix.