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BASS Tactix Points System

(Subject to  Changes)

A. High School Divisions:


A. High School - TBA

B. JR Division - TBA

C. Anglers of the Year  - TBA

a. High School AOY

b. Junior AOY

State Championship:


National Championship Qualifiers:


World Championship:


D. Teams that compete at the said event and don't weigh fish are given last place points minus 5... Example last place team weighing gets 150, the team not weighing but competes gets 145.

E. The Top Teams with the most points will advance to the HS Nationals. If any of such teams elect to advance thru another trail, at that time such team will be removed and the next team in line will advance. Once said Team has declared their Qualifying Trail for HS Nationals, it is Final. The Final number of teams advancing are made by FLW/SAF.
 F. Launch and Check-In Times:

All boats not ready to launch when their name and or number is called will need to get at the end of the Blast-Off line or refer to the Directors preference.  During Check-In Times all boats and or Anglers will need to be back at their designated time or before. All boats and or Anglers that do not check-in on time will be penalized. The penalty is 1 pound per minute up to 15 minutes. After such time said Anglers will be disqualified.
NOTE: ALL Anglers must be in good standings with  BASS Tactix and FLW / SAF in order to advance to the FLW/ SAF State, High School National and World Championships. BASS Tactix reserves the right to change and or modify rules without the conscent of others at any time. PLEASE read all rules and or

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